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Wooden Hairbrush

Wooden Hairbrush

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Shiny hair, whether long or short, blond, black or red, stands for health and vitality. To keep hair beautiful, it needs the right care. And that includes the right hairbrush which relieves stress, detangles hair, increases blood circulations, helps achieve healthier hair.

The best way to gently comb your hair is by using hairbrushes made of natural materials.

The brush handle is made of natural Beechwood, a renewable source to help protect the planet.

Ball tipped wooden bristles (made from hornbeam) are anti-static and gently stimulate the scalp and are kind to the hair structure.

Rubber cushioned pad gently follows the contours of the head. The brush has one pinhole free at the bottom to allow airflow.

The brush itself is light and convenient to carry anywhere.

100% biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life and vegan.

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