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Soap Saver Bag

Soap Saver Bag

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This soap pouch is perfect for exfoliating and is great for reducing waste by putting your soap ends into the bag acting as a washcloth.

The combination of the soap bar and pouch creates a superb foam, while the textured surface will peel away dead skin cells, making your skin shine with radiance.

This soap bag is durable and made from sisal, an entirely natural, regrowing resource. It is also fully biodegradable at the end of its life in your shower.

How to use it: Just slip your favourite bar of soap into the pouch, close the bag with the attached drawstring, and you’ll enjoy a luxurious exfoliating experience while cleansing your body! It is also so easy to take care of the pouch – if needed, just hand wash it and hang it to dry.

Approximate measurements of the bag: 13x11cm

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