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Organic Wholemeal Rye Flour (Ballybrado) 100g

Organic Wholemeal Rye Flour (Ballybrado) 100g

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Ballybrado Organic Whole Rye Flour is carefully ground from the entire rye grain, resulting in a whole grade flour with an unmistakable und assertive flavour. Rye flour is often found in sourdough recipes as it is great for fermentation. Rye breads tend to be denser than normal wheat breads and have a smaller crumb structure. For better rising, you can blend rye flour with a lighter flour, like Ballybrado Organic Strong White Wheat Flour or Ballybrado Organic White Spelt Flour. Our whole rye flour is high in phosphorus, folic acid and fibre, and is also a source of protein.

Allergens: contains gluten (rye)

Average pre-packaged size 1kg.

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