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Organic White Spelt Flour (Ballybrado) 100g

Organic White Spelt Flour (Ballybrado) 100g

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Spelt is a robust ancient wheat grain which has not been hybridised over the years and remains as simple and hardy as it was many centuries ago.

The grain is protected from the elements by a hull which is firmly attached to it and which must be removed prior to milling in a process known as de-hulling. This is a very expensive process and results in lower yields - the main reason why spelt was nearly forgotten. In the recent past however, spelt has made a remarkable comeback.

Spelt can be exchanged 1:1 for standard wheat flour in almost any recipe and lends baked goods a compelling nutty flavour and light sweetness. It is perfectly suited for bread, cakes, cookies, waffles, pastries and pasta. You can use it for hand-crafting breads or in a bread machine.

Allergens: contains gluten (spelt)

Average pre-packaged size 1kg.

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