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Organic Coarse Wheat Flour (Ballybrado) 100g

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For Ballybrado Organic Coarse Whole Wheat Flour the entire wheat grain is ground carefully in a large stone mill, ensuring that all the bran and germ of the grain is kept in the flour. Ballybrado organic whole wheat flour is high in phosphorus, vitamins B1 and B6, fibre and is also a source of protein.

Coarse whole wheat flour is ideal for mixing with finely-ground flours and really adds that extra bite to your baking. We can really recommend it for delicious soda bread! Occasionally you may need to add some more liquid to the dough for a better result.

The flour gives baked goods a wonderfully rich flavour and is suited for hand-crafting breads or for use in a bread machine.

Allergens: contains gluten (wheat)

Average pre-packaged size 1kg.

We make every effort to fill exactly the amount you request. However due to the nature of bulk shopping, actual quantities will vary slightly.