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Natracare - Natural Maternity Pads

Natracare - Natural Maternity Pads

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Pads to absorb natural blood loss after giving birth

  • Soft organic cotton cover
  • Plastic free
  • GMO free ingredients
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Made for sensitive skin

      Product Details:

      Ingredients: Certified organic cotton, ecologically certified cellulose pulp, plant starch

      Glue: BPA free, medical grade polymer 1

      Packaging: silicone-coated paper peel strip, recycled cardboard

      10 postpartum pads per pack

      Why Natracare?

      Natracare Maternity pads with soft, certified organic cotton cover. The pads are extra long, wide and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth.

      Natural pads will help look after incredibly sensitive postpartum skin naturally without causing extra irritation associated with synthetic materials.

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