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Compostable Bin Bags 65x90cm by Earth 2 Earth

Compostable Bin Bags 65x90cm by Earth 2 Earth

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10 Sacks | 65 x 90 cm

Features and Benefits

Superior Strength and Tear Resistance

High strength resins combined with multi-layer extrusion ensures the best performing products.

Best for Water and Heat Resistance

No starch or fillers ensures our bags are heat resistant to 75° Centigrade (hot food and liquids are ok) and highly water resistant. This ensure our products are ideal for commercial kitchens.


Three-layer co-extrusion increases strength using less material.

Clearer Film for Kitchen Security / Contaminated Waste

Our clearer films ensure that contaminated waste and other items that should not be in the food waste stream can be spotted.

Superior AD performance

Our product has been extensively tested in Anaerobic Digesters and performs exceptionally well.


earth2earth® is a brand of Thorn Environmental Ltd one of the largest and most innovative producers of refuse sacks, bin-liners and packaging films in Ireland.

Thorn Environmental Ltd concentrates on developing products that are sustainable and renewable and fit in with our desire to be part of the circular economy.

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