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Biobaula - Glass Cleaning Tablets (3 pack)

Biobaula - Glass Cleaning Tablets (3 pack)

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BIOBAULA Glass Cleaner is a fast dissolving tab with a neutral pH-value that achieves a shiny and fast drying cleaning. Ideal for cleaning glass, windows and mirror surfaces, BIOBAULA Glass Cleaner leaves nothing but streak-free cleanliness even with heavy soiling. BIOBAULA Glass Cleaner is particularly effective against: Pollen, finger-marks, Toothpaste splashes on the mirror and all everyday soiling that glasses and mirrors can get off. Always keep a clear and environmentally conscious view with the BIOBAULA Glass Cleaner.

Spray the surface to be cleaned with Biobaula Glass Cleaner and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Biodegradable product (according to CE standard Nº 648/2004 detergent regulation)

All Biobaula tabs leave no harmful residue whatsoever. Thus they are safe to use in homes with animals.

Ingredients: <5% perfume, non-ethoxylated anionic surfactant. Contains limonene. Also included: Acidity regulators, bases, stabilizers and colorants. 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

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