Barbara holding Roll'eat snack bags and sandwich bags

May Round Up

This month we added a few new exciting products and brought down the prices on some existing ones. We also extended our opening hours to 7pm on Thursdays and revamped our website. If you're reading this, thanks for visiting the new site! Please let us know what you think of it.

May Product Update:

25ltr Organic Sunflower Oil Container
1) Organic sunflower oil 🌻 - while we had this before, we were able to get this in a bigger bulk size meaning we could bring the price down to €0.86/100ml!

25kg 00 Pizza Flour Bag
2) 00 Pizza Flour - the absolute best for making amazing Italian style pizza at home.

Hand holding a jar of Organic Cornflakes
3) Organic Cornflakes - these have definitely awakened my cereal addiction but they’re delicious so I’m not mad!

Jar containing Organic Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin)
4) Organic Nigella Sativa - otherwise known as black cumin, these seeds have a slightly bitter taste with notes of onion that is great with roasted vegetables and curries. Nigella is actually one of the oldest recorded spices in use!

Barbara holding up Roll'eat Snack Bags and Sandwich Wraps
5) Roll'eat snack bags and sandwich wraps. They are reusable, easy to wipe clean and store, plus they are machine washable. Perfect to protect your sandwiches, fruit and snacks for lunch in the go.

An array of Chillys bottles in 260ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.8ltr

Chillys series 2 coffee cups
6) A big restock of Chillys bottles and coffee cups.

25ltr container of Organic Agave Syrup
7) Organic Agave Syrup - this is another product we have had for a while but recently we have been able to upgrade to buying this in 25ltr bringing the price down to €1.22/100ml.

Thanks so much for reading! We'll be adding more blog posts here from now on so please tell us what you'd like to know more about. 

Nicola & Barbara

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